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Instant WordPress Theme That Matches Your Website!

Theme Matcher converts your existing website into a optimized custom WordPress Theme. By giving Theme Matcher the URL of your website, and then defining the different parts of the site, the service will build a theme matching the layout, with almost instant results.

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Theme Matcher takes images, styles and layout from your existing website and converts it into an optimized WordPress Theme. Theme Matcher was created to solve the common problem of integrating your new blog into an existing site. For example, if you are adding a blog to an established website, it’s difficult to make it match. Instead of coding up a custom theme or hiring a freelancer, Theme Matcher will do the job instantly and automatically.

You can try Theme Matcher right from this site – just insert your site URL in the form below.

Theme Matcher is fun and very easy to use. And above all that good – It is also free to use.


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