WordPress Hacks – Advise On WordPress Setup

This article will share important WordPress hacks that many beginners and new users don’t know about. These hacks may especially be useful to the WordPress users who use it for blogging.


Suitable Themes That Resonate With Blog

WordPress is packaged with different themes. The default theme upon installation is twenty seventeen. For those who want premium themes for their blogs, there are better paid options that contain more features designed by professionals in design and coding. This is better as it gives a great looking blog site at fraction of the cost of hiring a web design professional.

Changing Of Permalinks

Permalinks are web addresses assigned to pages that are published online(URL). Default permalinks are often uninformative on the content of the page such as www.mydomain.com/123

Where the wording of the domain gives no clue on the content of the page. With WordPress, one can alter the permalink wording by login in as the administrator and on the settings menu, clicking on the custom structure and entering preferred permalink name.


In order to avoid loss of work during the development phase of the WordPress site, one can use plugins to create backups with some of them being free.

Reducing Probability Of Hacking

The default username is usually admin on the WordPress site. This is common knowledge with hackers and they would try to gain access by guessing the password. It would be more secure if the user admin was deleted so as to reduce probability of being hacked.

Security Keys

Security keys by default are contained in the installation. They add extra security to WordPress login and cookies authentication. One of the neat tricks is you can regenerate the keys if you feel that the website is prone to unauthorized access and this will automatically log out any user who has access to your WordPress.

Altering WordPress Table Prefix

A typical installation of WordPress has wp_ as the prefix to tables in WordPress databases. The security of WordPress can be enhanced by changing this prefix by changing the ‘$table_prefix = ‘wp_’ ‘line in the configuration. If the site is already in place, then the table prefix in WordPress database needs to be altered as well.


In conclusion, familiarizing with WordPress will work magic for your sites. You need to hit it right so that you remain relevant and produce some appealing results. Try the hacks listed above and you will never go wrong.

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