An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Any business that aims at growing big need to use the recent marketing strategies and the word SEO is becoming familiar. And effective if utilized perfectly. Search Engine Optimization can simply be defined as an effective marketing strategy that keeps a business competitive by improving the visibility of their webpage or website in the available search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. SEO also aims at making a company’s website more user-friendly. Interactive and well endowed with good and quality content that feeds the potential clients with what they want.

SEO Beginners

Why does your business need SEO?

1. Targets local clients.
A simple technique used by the service provider! It involves the emphasis on local SEO. This technique helps businesses narrow down to a small target group that is within reach. If the business is small, having a small audience would be relevant at first as a strategic plan. Having people within your locality support and believe in your brand creates a smoother path for your successful transition. Local SEO will also narrow down the searches for any potential client and with improved ranking, your website stands the chance of inviting more clients.

2. Get more traffic.
SEO is a relatively affordable means of driving in traffic in your website through organic searches conducted by potential clients in search engines. Seeking help from a trustworthy SEO service provider guarantees individuals of more potential clients. This is evidently seen by the improved and increased traffic to the company’s website. This is achieved through developing quality content and coming up with unique keywords which make it easier for any client to spot and visit your site. This simple process generates a lead which brings in a potential client interested in doing business with you.

3. It is cost-effective and has a higher ROI ratio.
When compared to other effective marketing techniques such as PPC advertisement, email marketing, and social media marketing among many others SEO is more effective and requires a relatively affordable capital and has massive returns. We all want to use an advertisement technique that is affordable to acquire and yet brings in more clients which have a ripple effect on any company’s sales. The reason why SEO is the best is that it continues to fetch more clients when you are offline and it is visible for any client 24/7.



In conclusion, every business should aim at getting the privileges of appearing on the first page of a related search. Giving your website this wonderful chance would mean that it has a chance to grow and have clients build trust in your brand. Ensure that you find a good SEO service provider to help you improve and build your brand through this trusted marketing strategies. Remember, high traffic means increased leads which also translates into more profit which is good for every business.


Image: Biswarup Ganguly

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