5 Must Have Word Press Plugins For The New Blog

The ultimate vision for almost every new blog is to attract traffic. Most bloggers consider word press as convenient because of its theme simplicity. WordPress Plugins contribute to the blog’s purpose; it helps both the owner and the readers to navigate correctly through the site. However, when adding Plugins, you should be cautious. You need to select only the essential ones that will be functional to your blogging platform. Plugins present mostly for diverse functions. Still, some target only specific functions.

To attain the best out of your newly-established word press blog, consider the following WordPress Plugins:


It is one of the famous WordPress Plugins. As you start a blog, be careful to provide all-round protection of the blog’s content. Jetpack aids in malware scan, filtering spam, and offering protection from brute force invasion. Therefore, you are sure of safeguarding from sudden site attacks. This type of Plugin also gives real-time backup of information. It provides safety assurance for the full blog data.

Additionally, if you have several blogs, you can monitor the blogs’ statistics and information from a single data source. It, therefore, eases your operations. Jetpack does image optimization for your site to maintain an improved bandwidth and have your pages load faster for the readers.

WordPress Plugin

Yoast SEO

When you start a blog, you require a good search engine optimization (SEO). Yoast SEO is one best WordPress Plugin for newly-initiated blogs targeting SEO. Yoast has high credibility such that most word press owners continue to upholding their trust for the effectiveness of it. Yoast presents in a way that it attunes to Google algorithms. Users term it as the leading SEO plugin for WordPress.

The many present features of Yoast SEO boost a new blog’s presence in the internet world. It optimizes keywords, synonyms, and the images posted on the blog. It also analyzes the blog’s readability. They all enable a new blog to step-by-step achieve its high ranking in the search engines.

User Registration

New blog sites need registration and login platforms for users. The user registration WordPress Plugin enables registered users to access more blog features and receive individual user notifications. User registration Plugin favors blog owners by providing user registration details to the blog. It contains several customized and attractive designs. The moderator, therefore, can easily use the drag and drop options to change the form field.

Socrates WordPress Theme


Importantly, from when you initiate a blog, you may experience spams at any moment. You should take precautions. Akismet Plugin helps prevent your blog from contamination. It will aid you mostly in omitting spams from the full blog site. It works by analyzing the blog automatically, then phish out contents that resemble spam. In the case of spam, the Plugin updates the status history. It enables you to easily view the specific locations on the blog where the Akismet moderator spams or unspams. With this Plugin, a blog operator can see every user’s number of spam contents.

Everest Forms

Establishing a blog requires readers’ platform where interested persons may ask questions regarding the accessed information. Hence, there is a need for contact forms for such-like situations. Everest forms prove to be an excellent form of Plugin to add forms for Word press blogs. Its interface is user-friendly for customizing. It has the drag and drop options for quick modification of the forms in any way you want. You can also add several forms with an unlimited support column.

WordPress Plugin


The frequent testing of the above WordPress Plugins, together with their operative features proves their effectiveness to boost new blogs. As you create a new word press blog, ensure you know the kind of site you wish to set up. Also, decide on how to expand the blog’s reachability. Significantly, you should recognize how to raise the standards of your blog by adding the most appropriate word press Plugins.

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