The Worst PTC Scam

PTC adverts may seem like the perfect way to get more traffic to your website. But some people have turned them into scams. PTC programs that ask you to buy ad packages in exchange for getting more traffic to your website are some of the scams, just like those that ask you to pay upfront. PTC Scam programs may not ask you for the money directly but they do indirectly by asking you to purchase a membership plan. In other cases, they may use the money you pay upfront to scam other investors by making them believe that they are getting profits from their previous investments. These are some of the danger signs to look for before joining a PTC program.

Ponzi Schemes

The Ponzi schemes seem to be the worst PTC scams that trap many investors. The programs running these schemes know how to market themselves and they use their websites and social media platforms like YouTube to get more attention. They portray their schemes as “ad packs” and many investors put money into them only to realize they are have been scammed when it’s too late. A company named Traffic Monsoon used the same technique and allegedly got over $200 million.

Avoid PTC Scam

It’s important to know what signs to look for to avoid falling prey to a PTC Scam. One of them is a lack of documentation that proves a generation of revenue. You should ask for audited financial statements that show that the PTC program has earned profits from selling their products. Check to see if the revenues are from other clients who aren’t members of the program. You should also check for proof of physical existence. They should not just exist o line but should have a physical location where they transact their businesses.


If used correctly, PTC can help you get more traffic faster. However, the rise of scams makes it harder to do that. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t good programs you can work with. You just have to be careful to avoid being duped by the scams.

Image: GatoDesing

Salope von Asheen

Born in South Africa, now living in Austria. 28 years old - worked many years in the fashion industry. Now working as a freelance writer and designer.
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