The 10 Best Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Blogging offers a range of benefits for an individual. Many times people get into blogging for their love of writing, to express themselves, to share a hobby or interest or to make extra money. Through blogging you can reach a wider audience for whatever content you wish to express on your blog. I find that blogging offers an opportunity to network also. Despite your reason for wanting to start blogging, there are some basic tips you should follow as a new blogger. Let’s get started on our list!

10 Blogging Tips

1. Figure out why you want to blog – Why do you want to start blogging? Are you seeking to earn money from blogging? Do you wish to meet new people by networking? Do you aim to develop your writing skills? Whatever it is, this must be the first thing you think about before even writing.

2. Choose your platform – While there are several options that you can choose from, WordPress might be the best choice for you. If you’re planning to blog on a long-term basis, WordPress offers you the opportunity to own your own domain and your work.

3. Determine a theme for your website– What are all your blogs going to be about? What are all your topics centered around? For example, someone may write blogs about housekeeping and all their topics are concerned with housekeeping tips and tricks.

4. Find topics to write about – Some may find it easier to think of a topic first before settling on a theme for their blogging endeavors. Finding a topic is determined by what drives you. What are you so passionate about that you can create a whole website about it?

5. Set limitations for your blog posts – When you write create some limits for your writing. For example, to write your post in an hour or to only write articles that are 500 words long. By doing this you’ll find that you end up sparking your own creativity by trying to meet the limitations you’ve set for yourself.

6. Develop a social media marketing strategy – You will need to advertise your own blog so you’ll have to determine the means by which you attract more traffic. Are you going to use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat orTwitter? For example, some well established bloggers use Instagram to post pictures from their blogs and they post the link to their blog.

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Improve Your Personal Blogging Skills

7. Do something new and write about it – Sometimes you can get stuck when writing; you’ll run out of ideas. The best thing to do is to find something new that you haven’t explored and do it. It’ll give you an opportunity to document your experience and write a blog about it. Be bold and brave enough to do little experiments and then write about your findings.

8. Read more – Reading helps to develop your own skills while blogging. The more you read, the more you learn and therefore, you can write better for your audience.

9. Always reply to comments – Readers like being replied to but more importantly, it’s a personal experience for them. You may not always receive positive remarks but you can take it as constructive criticism and respond in a professional manner.

10. Have fun – The most important tip is to have fun writing your blog. Blogging can prove to be an avenue for you to express your true self in a way that only you understand. Have fun doing something that you love!

Happy blogging guys!

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