Is Traffic Exchanges Harmful For Your Site?

Traffic Exchanges is it Harmful For Your Site? If you prioritize in making money through the internet from your websites. Then you need to find better strategies to get enough traffic to your site. You will only be able to reach your sales target if you have many visitors into your account. And potential customers to buy your products.

Traffic exchange is one of the new marketing strategies being adopted by various companies to generate more traffic to their site. The service allows you to exchange traffic with other websites for free. You could probably send the traffic or visit the websites to get traffic in return. Hitleap, 10khits and Esayhits4u are some of the popular traffic exchange sites you could try out. If you are thinking of investing your time in the traffic exchanges. Then this article highlights some of the pros and cons of this service to help you make a wise decision in the investment.

Pros of Traffic Exchanges

Access to many visitors for free-Making a traffic exchange exposes you to several visitors without making any payments. You ideally share your website visitors and in return, get more and different visitors to your site for free.

Promotes your websiteGetting more traffic to your site through the traffic exchange service promotes your website as you will get more potential customers accessing your content on the company products which could as well translate into sales.

More impressions and clicks – you will have more visitors in your website, and they will likely make positive impressions by clicking on the products and services that suit them from your website.

Excellent designs and better ideas from other websites- accessing information from other websites help you learn better strategies on marketing your company products.

Cons of Traffic Exchanges

Time consuming – it may take a lot of time finding loyal customers who may be impressed by your products and services.

Loose of focus – traffic exchanges takes more of your time you could probably have utilized in getting organic traffic which is also free. You lose focus in your website development tasks as you devote all your time in getting free visitors from other sites.

Wrong audience – it is likely that you will get fake visitors or the wrong audience for your website from the traffic exchange services. The visitors may probably not be interested in your services.

Affects your search engine visibility- search engines do not approve sites using the free traffic exchange services and therefore using this service for longer periods could lead to lower ranks of your site.

Increase in bounce rate– if the new visitors are not interested in your website content. And they are likely to leave your page after a few minutes without visiting other pages on your website. Thatsway, this increases your bounce rate and your website may reduce its ranking on the search engines.


A traffic exchange service is indeed a good idea. But only for short duration. It is a faster way to let people know about your website. However if you need to promote your website. Grow your business then you need to focus on quality and regular content for your website. Focus on organic traffic to increase loyal visitors into your site.

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Salope von Asheen

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