Steve Wozniak – An American Entrepreneur

Steve Wozniak is an American entrepreneur, engineer and computer programmer, among other things. He is a very interesting man. And has been able to achieve a lot of success in his life. For example, people generally picture Steve Jobs when talking about Apple, but not many people know that Steve Wozniak was involved with founding that company as well!

Born 1950

Steve Wozniak was born on Augst 11th, 1950 in San Jose in California to parents that had Polish roots. His father was an important engineer in his field of work. Which caused Steve Wozniak to become really interested in electronics and computer programming from a very young age. Steve had a pretty normal childhood for the most part. But everything seemed to revolve around numbers and electronics for him. Added to that, Steve Wozniak wasn’t really considered to be one of the cool kids throughout his youth, despite his ability to make the people around him laugh a lot. As a kid, Wozniak was very interested in everything that had to do with the Star Trek franchise and he even attended many official Star Trek conventions.

Steve Wozniak – A Peculiar Case

When it comes to school, Steve Wozniak was a very peculiar case! He definitely wasn’t what you would normally call a star student. But his love for math, science, numbers, and engineering really kept his head above water. He was able to get very decent grades in high school. But was still known to be somewhat of a joker. The same can be said about this college career. As a semi-prank, he once decided to hack into the school system of his university. As a result, Steve Wozniak was expelled from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Impeccable Programming Skills

As for his contribution to the founding of one of the world’s biggest and most popular companies, Apple, there is a lot that needs to be said. Wozniak met Steve Jobs for the first time while the latter was still in high school. Wozniak, on the other hand, was attending the well known Berkely University in California. They started to work together when Steve Jobs noticed Wozniak’s impeccable programming skills.

Precisely because of these skills, Wozniak is considered to be the one that really provided Apple with the basics. Steve Wozniak started working on his first type of computer in 1975, the Apple 1. With this product, he went to HP, a very well-known electronics brand, but they refused his offer to work together on further developing the Apple 1. After many rejections, Steve Jobs pitched the idea of starting their own business together to Steve Wozniak based on Wozniak’s computer prototype. Thus, Apple was born, with the help of their third companion, Ronald Wayne!

Different Views

While Wozniak contributed greatly to the Apple franchise, he was never really able to connect with it. He and Steve Jobs often had different views on which direction the company needed to go in. And furthermore, Steve Wozniak wanted to go back to his roots. Steve Jobs has always been interested in the business side of things. But the same can’t be said about Steve Wozniak at all! He really only wanted to be involved in the technical side of things. This ultimately resulted in him leaving his Apple days behind him for the most part. He sold his shares in the company and took on a job at a local elementary school to teach specialized computer classes.

Steve Wozniak The Philanthropist

Besides Apple, Wozniak is involved in many other projects. Many of them being philanthropic of nature. He is especially interested in the American schooling system. And has invested a lot of money in some elementary schools in the hopes that these schools would have more means to invest in technology tools for the kids.

Currently, Steve Wozniak is living in Los Angeles with this wife Janet Hill. Although that may not be the case for much longer. Wozniak has always expressed his interest in Australia and has applied to become an Australian citizen. Furthermore, he is planning to move to Melbourne to live there permanently. For the most part, he tries to remain on the down-low, but lately, he’s been getting a lot of media coverage because of his controversial outbursts about Apple in its current form.

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