Arianna Huffington – Creator Of A Media Empire

Arianna Huffington is among the best-known authors and also known well in the media industry internationally.

She was born as Ariana Stassinopoulus in the capital of Greece, Athens. She was born on 6/15/1950. Arianna relocated from, Greece to the U.K. in her younger years to attend the Cambridge University, it was here that she graduated with a master in economics she became the president of the Cambridge famed organization of debate. She later started her shop, which was in London, where she began writing. The first book she published in 1974 with the title The woman.

Relocation To US

Huffington relocated to the US in 1980 when things din´t goes well with her lover, who was a fellow writer in the United Kingdom by the name Bernard Levin. In the year that followed, Arianna released a biography of the most fabulous opera performer, Maria Callas.

In 1986 Arianna got married to Michael Huffington, who was the secretary in defense of department in the U.S, and they were blessed with two children. Her husband got a seat in the republican party between the years 1993-1995; Arianna helped her husband to the campaign; however, he lost. Ariana and her husband divorced in 1997.

Campaigning For Governorship

Arianna was known to be conservative because of her views and comments, she would always appear to back her points up, but she started to change by embracing reforms.

In 2003 Arianna campaigned as an independent candidate against the then governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger; she wanted to be the governor. However, she stopped fighting and supported Gray Davis. It is in that year she released the best seller of New York. How the greed corporate politicians and corruption are derailing America.

The Post Called Huffington

In the year 2005, Arianna launched Huffington post with her partner Kenneth Lerer who became its chief editor. This site was used for blogging initially.

In the year 2016 Ariana announced that she was getting out of the Huffington, where she had spent 11 years. Starting another one called Thrive Global, which will focus on health.

Lesser Known Facts Arianna

– Most people don’t know that Arianna didn’t speak English when she came to Cambridge University; for her to master the language, she started to engage herself in the debate. It paid off for she was elected the debate president.

– Due to exhaustion Arianna fainted, and that’s when she learned the importance of sleeping adequately, and now she sleeps 8hrs per day.

– Arianna wrote her first book when she was age 22, The Female Woman, which fought for equal rights.

– When Arianna was looking for a publisher for her book, she was rejected for almost 37 times, and it made her run out of money. She took a loan, and she was fortunate to get a publisher at the 38th time.

– Arianna was the character voice which was named after her name in the animated series by Seth Macfarlanes.

Wallstreet Forex Robot


Arianna has got a history for defending her friends, in her Huffington post, this is pointed out. A writer wrote on the blog, some people feel uncomfortable in relationships, but now we know of this one.

It would be inappropriate for Arianna as a journalist to be the head of a board since she has made headlines for the threatening of a journalist, among so many other things. She never came out to give a reply on the said controversy.

Arianna as a board member of uber, at one time, was said to have self –delt. At one time she had asked Uber to provide hubs and nap pods which they would acquire from her company that was new in the market, it alleged that the company received $50000as consultation fee which came from uber, these claims were denounced by uber, and the money was given back.

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