The Benefits of Having Sex

There are two activities that humans are programmed to do. The first one is to find food and eat. The second one is to have sex. Both fulfill the biological need to pass on our genes. make more copies of ourselves, and create genetically diverse and strong offspring. Eating gives us energy, while sex is the actual act of reproduction. It only makes sense that it would be a fun and healthy activity so that humans can do it as much as possible.


Increased heart rate and circulation go hand in hand with having sex. Our blood vessels dilate, pumping up oxygen flow. This in turn nourishes our cells, increases our immunity, and warms our extremities. The heart gets to work out as well, reaping the same benefits that you would if you regularly sprinted. One of the first signs of cardiovascular issues in men is the inability to get an erection. Think of your sex life as the canary in the coal mine, you need good circulation to maintain it; if things start to go south in the bedroom, it might be an indicator of more serious health issues.

Sex Gives Happy Brain Chemicals

Dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin are all chemicals associated with relaxation, happiness, and love. It’s probably why many people refer to having sex as “making love.” Orgasms are accompanied by a massive release of all three brain chemicals. When scientists took a look at a brain in love, guess what they say? High levels of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

Stress Relief

When we are stressed, we can end up in cycles of worry and anxiety. During this time, our serotonin is low, which causes us to become even more anxious. You can break this vicious cycle by having sex. This is the most natural way to bring serotonin levels up, which can help relieve a lot of stress, at least temporarily. Use this time to give yourself a break from life’s problems or use it to reevaluate what’s bothering you. Sometimes, clarity comes from changing your brain chemistry.

Bonding With Another Human

Humans are social animals and we need human contact, both physical and psychological. This is why quarantine and isolation have been so hard on so many people. Having sex is a great way to rebuild that connection. Studies have shown that ventral to ventral contact causes oxytocin release. That’s the hormone responsible for that warm, fuzzy feeling. Cuddling after sex, it turns out, isn’t just an unspoken ritual, it’s deeply ingrained in our biology.

Salope von Asheen

Born in South Africa, now living in Austria. 28 years old - worked many years in the fashion industry. Now working as a freelance writer and designer.