All About The New Fantastic iPhone 12

Apple iPhones have been with us for 13 years. These devices are the best smartphones on the market. The iPhone is also the standard that other smartphones were designed. In 2020, Apple will be releasing the 12th edition of the iPhone smartphone brand. The iPhone 12 is expected to be another big hit for the Apple company. Keep reding to find out more about the iPhone 12 and what it has to offer consumers.

When will the new iPhone 12 be released?

The new iPhone will be available sometime in October of 2020. The exact release date is unknown, but many retailers believe it will be October 23. However, shoppers can start to preorder this unit starting October 16. The phone’s launch event date will be on October 13.

What will be the iPhone 12 best selling point?

Okay, everything is a rumor about the specs of the iPhone 12. The reason why Apple makes everything out to be rumor is to keep consumers and the competition guessing about the device. They don’t want anyone to leak anything bout the new unit. Still, there are some key selling points that might be fact and not just hearsay.

First, the iPhone 12 is expected to have a new physical design. This design will consist of a stainless steel frame that will have a square-edge design. The frame will be placed between two pieces of glass. This will provide the iPhone 12 with more durability and prevent it from cracking so easily. The iPhones will also have triple lens 3D cameras and 5G connectivity. Those features will be discussed in further detail within a moment.

IPhone 12

The iPhone is also expected to come in a variety of new vibrant colors such as light blue, orange, and violet. This is a clear departure from the standard white, black, gray, rose and gold themes. Red should also be a color option as well. The unit will not have a power adapter or EarPods to help keep the price of the units down. These accessories will be sold separately.

More Information about the iPhone 12 Design

We just noted that the iPhone 12 will have a stainless steel frame with squared edges. You should also know that the device will be sold in different sizes. There will be a small 5.4-inch model and a 6.1-inch unit. There will even be a 6.7-inch iPhone version that will be big and dynamic. These different sizes will impact the price and storage capacity of the device.

Triple Lens 3D Camera

The iPhone 12 triple lens 3D camera will take 3D photos. This will provide the unit with a dynamic ability to take pictures of the surrounding environment. The camera will literally scan images of the area where the subject is being filmed. It will then produce a rendered 3D photo that will make regular pictures look like ancient drawings. There are more features of this camera and it is expected to be a huge selling point for the iPhone 12 since no other smartphone will showcase this technology.

5G Millimeter Wave-Based Support

5G is the latest WiFi technology that allow users to operate their phones with extra speed, function and capabilities. The 5G millimeter wave-based support offered by Apple will help iPhone 12 operators to experience their phone in a whole new way. Games will move faster, there will be less buffering or pauses when watching videos, and the device will have greater function in terms of special abilities. The staring price of the iPhone 12 will be $649, and the top end model will cost at least $1000.

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