Top 5 Most Expensive Seafood Dishes

Your run-of-the-mill lobster roll and clam chowder is pretty affordable. But did you know that seafood prices can run into the thousands? Sometimes, it’s because the fish or animals are rare. Other times, it’s because preparing the dish takes skill and a lot of effort. So if you’re in the mood to spoil yourself with some fruits of the ocean, here are the top 5 most expensive seafood dishes.

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna is expensive due to the laws of supply and demand. There aren’t many left in the oceans and they don’t breed in captivity. In Japan, one serving of bluefin tuna can cost up to $1.76 million! Still, for the sake of preserving the marine ecosystem, it’s probably best that people stop eating this fish. 

Almas Caviar

Are you ready to pay $25,000 for some fish eggs? Then head to the UK! This delicacy, preserved in a 24-karat gold tin, is only available at The Caviar House & Prunier. Remember, a mother-of-pearl spoon is the only acceptable utensil for eating authentic caviar.

Posh Pie

Head down under to Australia for the Posh Pie. You’ll spend about $9,500 on the most expensive pie in the world. The ingredients include lobster and winter black truffles. The entire thing is served on a 23-karat, edible gold leaf. And as a bonus for shelling out almost $10k, the pie is served with two bottles of Grange Reserve.

Baby Eel

You can find Baby Eel right here in the US, especially near Portland, Maine. They are also a delicacy in Spain. These tiny little creatures that look like noodles with eyes go for $2,000 a pound. If you can get past the price tag and the “odd food” factor, head to the northeast for this one-of-a-kind seafood dish.

Fugu or Puffer Fish

Fugu is also known as pufferfish. It is served in Japan and prepared by extremely skilled chefs, chefs who know how to expertly remove the liver, intestines, and ovaries. These organs contain a toxin called tetrodotoxin. It’s so lethal that a tiny drop, the size of a pinhead, is enough to kill 30 people. For $280 a plate, you too can play chicken with the fugu fish.

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