Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa Channel The Runaways in “Prisoner” Video

Newly released “Prisoners” is the latest collaboration between Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa. In the video, set in the 1980’s, the artists have a wild, spider-infested bus ride to a club.  Cyrus sports an ’80s mullet haircut that she could have borrowed from her father, Billy Ray.

Video Is Wild

During the adventure, Miley pours a blood-like red liquid over her cantily dressed self. The stars enjoy glacé cherries while they embrace each other. The video closes with a dedication that reads: “IN LOVING MEMORY OF ALL MY EXES”, with the words “EAT S*** inside a barbed-wired heart.

Following, a clip of drag queen Divine appears. The star quotes a line from the 1974 John Waters film Female Trouble. “I’m a free woman now and my life is just ready to begin.”

And There’s the Music

The track is synth heavy. Lyrics speak to the misery felt while getting over a past lover. One line goes: “You keep making it harder to stay / But I still can’t run away / I gotta know why can’t you, why can’t you just let me go?”

Teasers Released

Ahead of the release, Miley teased fans with an Instagram post in which she appeared in bloody makeup. She wrote, “COMING 4 BLOOD #PRISONER Feat. my main squeeze @DUALIPA (sic)”  

Both stars shared teaser clip from the music video. The video saw both with cigarettes in their mouths while dancing in a bedroom.

On Instagram Dua wrote, “PRISONER @MILEYCYRUS 19NOV 4PM LA / 7PM NYC / 12AM LONDON / 11AM SYDNEY / 8AM BEIJING (sic)” 

In October, Miley teased fans that a duo with Dua would be “pretty soon.” She added, “It’s perfectly a blend of the both of us, I’m super proud of it. I’m really excited for our fans to hear it because they’ve been begging for it. Seriously, it’s all I ever hear from both of our fans [that] they want to hear the record that we did together.”

”Prisoner” is the lead track from Plastic Hearts, due out on November 27.

Image: Jeff Denberg

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