Vaccines That Turn People Into Crocodiles?

Vaccines turn people into crocodiles? While Brazil has the world’s third-highest number of confirmed Covid-19 infections, President Bolsonaro constantly uses lies and attacks on the media to mask his inability to address the pandemic.

In January, he invited journalists to “go have sex with their whore mothers” and to “ram condensed milk cans up their backsides.”

To highlight journalism’s vital importance in providing access to reliable information about the pandemic, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) launched this powerful communication campaign called the “Naked Truth“.

Jair Bolsonaro
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The aim of this photomontage showing him naked* behind a sign displaying the latest figures for Covid-19 deaths and positive tests** is to make Bolsonaro symbolically face reality, instead of blaming the media.

The right to information, which is closely linked to the right to health, must be defended more than ever in Brazil. The work of journalists is crucial for reporting the facts and informing people about the reality of the health crisis.

Head Image: Marcos Corrêa

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