Armenian Genocide – The Days When Heaven Wept

Today, Saturday, April 24, is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. It is held annually to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Commemorations are held around the world each April 24.

UPDATE: US President Recognise Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide was the systematic mass murder and ethnic cleansing of around 1.5 million ethnic Armenians from Asia Minor and adjoining regions by the Ottoman Empire and its ruling party, the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), during World War I.


At the orders of Talat Pasha, an estimated 800,000 to 1.5 million, some scholars say 2 million, Armenian women, children, and elderly or infirm people were sent on death marches leading to the Syrian Desert in 1915 and 1916. Driven forward by paramilitary escorts, the deportees were deprived of food and water and subjected to robbery, rape, and massacre.

In Germany, the Nazis viewed Turkey as a post-genocidal paradise and “incorporated the Armenian Genocide, its ‘lessons’, tactics, and ‘benefits’, into their own worldview.

Armenian Genocide
Tortured Armenian woman with child

The first phase of the genocide began on April 24, 1915, as the Ottoman government arrested and murdered hundreds of Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople.

We join Armenians around the world as we remember the terrible massacres suffered in 1915–1923 at the hands of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire. – George Bush Sr.

Turkey Denies Armenian Genocide

Against the academic consensus, Turkey denies that the deportation of Armenians was a genocide or wrongful act. As recently as April 20 this year, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that there was “no genocide”.

Armenian Genocide
The 20 Hunchakian gallows is the common name for the group of Hunchakian activists who were hanged in the
Sultan Beyazıt Square of Constantinople on June 15, 1915 during the Armenian Genocide.

No Turkish government has acknowledged that a crime was committed against the Armenian people and all major political parties in Turkey except the Peoples’ Democratic Party support Armenian Genocide denial. Ottoman and Turkish leaders argued, and continue to argue, that the mass deportation of Armenians was justified by national security concerns.

Remember The Armenian Genocide 1915

Let us remember the millions of Armenian victims, such as the little girl in the headimage who is lying dead in the desert just outside Allepo in Syria. The Armenian genocide is a terrible and shameful crime that will never be forgotten by history. The Turkish leadership’s denial of this crime makes it even more shameful. Turkey has a great shame to bear.

Shame also on those nations that out of sheer cowardice have not yet acknowledged the Armenian Genocide.

Those who do not weep, do not see – Victor Hugo

Rest In Peace.

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