Racism: Brutal Attack On Defenseless Caught On Video

Erfurt Germany Racism: A 40-year-old German man has been arrested in connection with a racist attack on a young Syrian refugee, a child in the eastern city of Erfurt that was captured on video, officials said Monday 26 April.

According to official sources, the attack started after an exchange of words. But closer to the truth is that it was probably an unprovoked attack. In the video, only the mentally disturbed man and his woman are heard talking. According to police sources, the attack took place on April 24, 2021.

The perpetrator is already known by the police as a drug addict and thief and could be identified promptly. Erfurt police said the 17-year-old victim from Syria, suffered minor injuries in the attack.

The governor of Thuringia state, where Erfurt is located, called the attack that took place late Friday in one of the city’s trams “simply disgusting.”

“The perpetrator has been caught,” the governor, Bodo Ramelow, wrote on Twitter. “Such a cowardly person, strong and aggressive against someone who was defenseless”, Ramelow wrote on Twitter. A statement from the perpetrator is not yet available.

The Conversation – Racism Embodied

As you can hear from the video, it was not a verbal argument as the official sources state. The victim remained silent throughout the attack. Below you can read a transcript of the entire event.

DRUG ADDICT: You come to my country boy.


DRUG ADDICT: You little dirty pig

DRUG ADDICT: Fuck of to where ever you came from, you fucking cunt

DRUG ADDICT: You are shit. You pig.

DRUG ADDICT: Call for your mother, or for your daddy. You cunt.

WOMAN: Leave him alone

DRUG ADDICT: I don’t do anything

DRUG ADDICT: Ask me one more time what you want. Boy. Just put your head down next time when I am in front of you. You piece of shit.

DRUG ADDICT: You understand that?

DRUG ADDICT: Put your fucking head down. You bastard.

WOMAN: Keep the CCTV in mind. Keep the CCTV in mind

DRUG ADDICT: And your fucking phone is broken now. You asshole.

In the above transcript we have chosen not to call the perpetrator a man. because he does not deserve to be called a man.

Ongoing Problem – Racism In Germany

More than 130 people were killed in racist street violence in Germany, in the years between 1990 and 2010, according to the German newspaper Die Zeit. Only some of the most publicly noted cases are listed. In particular, after German reunification in the 1990s a wave of racist street violence claimed numerous lives.

Racism in Germany reached its peak during the Nazi regime which eventually led to a program of systematic state-sponsored murder. According to reports by the European Commission, forms of racism are still present in parts of German society.

Image: Wolfmann

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