War Protester Interrupts Russian State TV News

Russian editor Marina Ovsyannikova protested on state television. Now she has been sentenced to a fine and released on bail, reports AFP. “Anger has built up inside her since the war started,” her friend told The Guardian.

Russia state television employee Marina Ovsyannikova, who ran on to the set of a live broadcast shouting: ‘Stop the war. No to war’, also made a pre-recorded video statement.

‘What is happening now in Ukraine is a crime, and Russia is the aggressor country’, she said. ‘My father is Ukrainian, my mother is Russian. The were never enemies’. Ovsyannikova lamented her time at the state-run television channel, ‘I spread the Kremlin propaganda and I am very ashamed of this. I am ashamed I allowed Russian people to be fooled’. Ovsyannikova was arrested shortly after her protest according to human rights groups.

Marina Ovsyannikova
Marina Ovsyannikova with her lawyer Anton Gashinsky. Image: @SobolLubov (Twitter)

On Tuesday afternoon, an employee of the imprisoned opposition politician Alexei Navalny published a picture of Marina Ovsyannikova, where she is in a courtroom with her lawyer Anton Gashinsky.

Friends of Marina Ovsyannikova tell The Guardian that the TV coup was well planned. She was very afraid of the Russian system and of losing the life she had built.

There have also been accusations that the TV coup may have been settled. Ukrainian journalist Katya Osadcha argued that the TV protest could be staged on her Instagram- account.

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